The first session lasts 45 minutes and is about the challenges you want to work with and your story. Often there is something hidden in your family history that has to be uncovered before you can move on.

The second session lasts 45 minuets about a week later, we make a resolution that you can use afterwards. Often this is enough to start a development that you can continue working on.

Treatment method

In the sessions, we will look at the problem you are currently experiencing and expose how it most likely has roots in your early childhood, family system and maybe inherited trauma. The work is done by cultivating sensations, breathing, narrative, psychoeducation and awareness.


The main focus is to separate out what does not belong and bring together what has been separated. In that way bring transformation, insight, wholeness, vitality, life force and meaning to life.

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Due to the GDPR you can’t send your CPR-number or detailed descriptions of your problem via email. This requires encrypted mail, and I don’t have that yet. Write briefly what it is about and your email address and I will contact you. Unfortunately, I do not receive medical referrals.