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Trauma is the biggest health issue in the world today.

Trauma is the biggest health issue in the world today. Illness, childhood abuse, suicide, depression, genocide, violence, neglect, addiction, sudden death, war, adoption and abuse are just some of the things that will have a traumatic impact. Many suffer from trauma that they have had throughout their lives. Some people are not even aware that they have trauma, because their lives have always been this way. People that have lived through adverse severe events, experience, lack of joy in life and can have excessive fear of things that are really not dangerous. PTSD comes from shock and war, while Complex PTSD has its roots in early childhood with abuse and neglect. Secondary PSTD is, as the name implicates, something you have not directly experienced and can be inherited or something your nearest relatives have experienced. Common for all of them is that they can be disabling to live with.

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